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               EVTech Valves (ZJK) Co., Ltd. is located in Nanshan Economic Development Zone, Zhangjiakou City. It is mainly engaged in the production, manufacturing and maintenance services of ball valve, disc valve, angle valve and gate valve.
               The main business areas include: metallurgy, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, mining, pipeline, power, oil and natural gas. Provide relevant equipment, technical consultation and engineering services for special working conditions such as high pressure difference, high temperature, high corrosion, wear and low temperature requirements in the above fields. We are specialized in valve sales and maintenance, and have accumulated rich technical background. We can provide our customers with the best cost-effective products.
               英威科盤閥產品主要應用領域: 電力,火力發電廠氣力輸灰系統;化工,有機硅廠;多晶硅廠;煉油 CCR,煤化工煤制甲醇鎖渣閥、水煤漿切斷閥門;合成氨鎖渣閥、水煤漿切斷閥門等。

               Main application fields of EVTech disc valve
               √ Thermal power plant, pneumatic ash conveying system; 
               √ Chemical industry, Organic silicon plant, Polysilicon plant; 
               √ Oil refining, CCR and FCC; 

               √ Coal chemical industry, coal to methanol and coal to ammonia, coal water, etc.
        Main application fields of EVTech ball valve
               √ Metallurgy and Mining, POX and HPAL;
               √ Chemical industry;
               √ Pipeline transportation systems;

         Main application fields of EVTech angle valve
               √ Mining POX and HPAL, discharge system;




        地       址:中國張家口南山經濟開發區



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